Armando C Damasco

Native speaker j. angielskiego

I come from a family of teachers, no wonder it has also become my profession of choice. Beyond this reason, however, I see nobility, kindness, and generosity in the teaching profession. Teachers deal with individuals, each unique in their mindset and character.  That is why in my class, I employ different methods and strategies based on the personality of my students.  Also, I conduct my classes in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere because, for me, learning should never be a painful process.  It has to be an enjoyable experience. It is also important that my students learn to express themselves as who they are.  Their choice of words and expressions. And seeing them as themselves as they speak indeed brings me the greatest satisfaction. I spend my spare time tending my garden and the joy of seeing my plants flower and bloom brings me so much joy – just like my students.

Favorite life motto:

“Enjoy every moment of your life because each moment passes only once!”

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